12/11/2017: Social Studies

posted Dec 11, 2017, 12:15 PM by Patricia Amato
Study for test on 15-1 

Chapter 15 Section 1: Study guide:  8th grade test tomorrow

  • Know the Missouri Compromise

          Missouri- slave state

          Maine- free state

          Banned slavery in the rest of Louisianna Purchase north of 36  30’ latitude

  • Sectionalism-exaggerated loyalty to a particular region of the country

  • In 1819 balance in Congress of free and slave states

  • Secede

  • fugitives

  • Martin Van Buren- FreeSoil Party

  • The Wilmont Proviso

  • Compromise of 1850: all parts

  • Free Soil Party Slogan:

  • Compromise of 1850:  describe what the North and South each gained in the compromise

  • Sectionalism

  • How Missiour Compromise preserved the balance of power in the US Senate

  • Who formed the Free Soil Party and why

  • Know the parties and candidates who ran for United States President in the 1848 election

  • Free Soil Party Slogan

  • Abstain-

  • Main issue of presidential election of 1844: annexation of Missouri


  • How Stephen Douglas helped approve the Compromise of 1850

  • Compare what the North and South each gained from the Compromise of 1850

  • Why did Southerners object to the Wilmot Proviso

Reminder:  Current Events article due on Friday!