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posted Jan 9, 2018, 9:40 AM by Unknown user
This assignment will require you to have internet access & loose leaf paper. This paper does NOT need to be in your notebook. Follow the steps to complete. Bring your assignment in upon our return to school.

STEP 1: Research what exponential growth & exponential decay is. Find complete definitions that makes sense to you! It does not help to have a definition that confuses you. You can watch a video, use a dictionary or even ask a parent. Write these definitions down.

STEP 2: Follow the link & watch the 4 minute Ted Talk on exponential growth. We've been learning about exponents these last few weeks & now it's time to take a look at how we can use exponential knowledge in real life.

STEP 3: On the left hand side of the website, click the word: "THINK." There are 8 questions (some short answer & some multiple choice). Write the question down & answer it on loose leaf. YES, WRITE THE QUESTION DOWN ON YOUR LOOSE LEAF.  

STEP 4: Apply your knowledge! Research 3 different examples of exponential growth & decay. You must have at least 1 example of each (the third example is your choice). Write 3-5 sentences on each example. How does this example apply to the idea of exponential growth/decay? Explain in your own words.

GOOD LUCK & see you when we get back to school :-)