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El 8 de Mayo, 2017

posted May 8, 2017, 6:42 AM by Unknown user

On Tuesday May 2, 2017; I assigned groups in class in which each group is assigned a Country/Region that is to be researched both in class and for homework in order to create a collaborative group project which will be due on Thursday, May 24, 2017.

Country #1: Colombia

Country #2 Ecuador

Country #3 Peru

Country #4 Chile

Country #5 Argentina

*finalization of the groups to be in class on Tuesday May 2, 2017

Topics that MUST be covered: (at least one (1) per group member)

History, Geography, Religion, Traditions, & Culture

Additional topics that will be covered:

Art & Music, Food & Beverages, Sports, Celebrities & Famous Persons, Flora & Fauna, Natural Resources

Additional topics may be discussed with permission of your instructor

*Group members will choose who will work on what topic on Tuesday May 2, 2017

Oral Presentation Information:

  • Students must create a Google Slide Presentation and Be Creative!

  • The Google Slide Presentation should include:

    • Title Page

    • Introduction Page (creative introduction overview of your country and topics to be discussed)

    • 4-6 slides per group member on the topics being discussed

    • Conclusion Page

    • Thank You Page & “Are There Any Further Questions”

  • 12 -15 minute presentation which will highlight the main topics and information about the country(s)/Region(s) discussed.

  • Each person is to speak and present during the presentation.

  • Students must keep a digital folder on Google Drive titled Your Topic Research Project 2017 “Peru Research Project 2017” and insert all valuable group information found and used: Articles, printouts websites, photos, notes, etc…


  • each group will create a Travel poster providing desirable aspects and key facts about the country you researched about.

  • Photos, Images, Cutouts, Drawings, Collage, Mosaics may be used to meet the creativity component of its grade.

  • Use an 18” x 12” poster (any color -- but I have white in my classroom)


Students WILL WORK TOGETHER on this project, but individually. Students will receive four (4) grades:

    • Research - Digital Folder Contribution

    • Individual Presentation

    • Group Presentation

    • Travel Poster

EVERYTHING IS DUE ON Thursday, May 24, 2017


8th Grade Groups Spanish Project 2017

  1. Group #1: Colombia

    1. Carol

    2. Timmy

    3. Frank

  2. Group #2: Equador

    1. Katie

    2. Mike

    3. Victoria

  3. Group #3: Peru

    1. Tyler W.

    2. Jade

    3. Amelia

  4. Group #4: Chili

    1. Jesley

    2. Myles

    3. Tyler E

  5. Group #5: Argentina

    1. Emily

    2. John

    3. Jessica