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October 20, 2016

posted Oct 20, 2016, 2:08 PM by Unknown user
Science: We completed Chapter 02 Section 02 today....but we're not finished yet! 
Homework: Start to work on your Section Review on page 75.

We are starting our Cell City Analogy Project. The cell is composed of many organelles which have been tasked with various job functions and titles: Much like a city. So let's be creative and make a Cell City of our very own. 
Teams and Type of Cell
  • Table 1 Animal Cell
  • Table 2 Animal Cell
  • Table 3 Animal Cell
  • Table 4 Plant Cell
  • Table 5 Plant Cell
Bring in your ideas, notes, research, and any supplies needed to start your Cell City Projects tomorrow. 

What is included in this project?
  • A brief creative write-up about your cell city
  • Label and brief decsription of each organelle and its analogy
  • All the organelles provided must be included

  Cell Organelles

             City Analogies
Cell MembraneCity border
Cell WallCity Wall
Endoplasmic ReticulumHighway  or road system
RibosomesLumber or brick yard
Golgi BodiesPost Office or UPS
ChloroplastsSolar Energy Plants
Nuclear MembraneCity Hall Fence with security guard
MitochondriaEnergy Plants
NucleusCity Hall
DNAOriginal Blueprints or the city
RNACopies of Blueprints
NucleolusCopy Machine
LysosomesWaste Disposal/ Recyclers
VacuoleWarehouses, water towers or garbage dumps
ProteinsLumber or bricks
CytoSkelton The Ground that supports everything/Rock Layers