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November 21, 2016: STEM

posted Nov 21, 2016, 6:46 PM by Unknown user
Science: We have been working full-steam on our STEM Projects. WTG to all! Thus far we have accomplished the following tasks (with much more to go, but having a great start):
  1. Your teams have been selected
  2. You brought in your binder to SLS and I distributed the necessary pages to you
  3. The SDG's have been discussed and examined
  4. Your Country, City, Region has been explored, researched, and selected
  5. Your goal(s) have been selected
  6. Your tasks have been explored, discussed, and chosen
  7. You have started to explore the issues surrounding your Country/Region
  8. You are starting to think about the solution(s) to the problem
So what's left?...
  • Finalize your research from the topics discussed in class
  • Keep documenting your findings, sketches, doodles, ideas, thoughts, change of hearts, etc... It sounds crazy (mundane) but it is necessary. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!
  • Keep working on your Solution to the Problem and ask questions to your answers (as many times as needed).
  • Communicate your ideas, results, and creativeness with your group, and your teachers.