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DeSTEMeber 7, 2016

posted Dec 7, 2016, 3:06 PM by Unknown user
Science: We completed our lesson of the Punnett Squares today. Complete your section review in your notebook. Just keep up with your Frayer Models. 

STEM: I reprinted the Student Handbook for each group and instructed you to remove the Green, Orange, Yellow, and Pink sheets in the section and replace it with the Student Handbook. Start filling in the sheets and the categories provided. As you fill in the categories and sections, make sure no sections are left blank. Continue researching and remember to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! 

I Will be checking your binders and Digital Folders that you shared with me at the end of next week. You will receive a STEM grade. Do not fall behind. 

At this point of the STEM project, we should be up to the point when we are creating, building, engineering, developing, and implementing our Solution to the Problem(s) - whether it be an Invention, Idea, Innovation, Campaign, Educational Resource, Book, Multimedia program, etc... You should start bringing in your Tri-Fold Poster-board with your name and group code on the back of the board.