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posted Sep 23, 2016, 1:33 PM by Unknown user
  • Must have the class novel, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton no later than Monday 9/26 because that is when we are starting our novel study. 
  • ON WEEBLY: please add a new blog page under Novels and name it Independent Novel
    • If you are having trouble please watch this video.
  • Your 1st Weebly Entry is due Thursday 9/29/16 on your Independent Novel. Please refer to the rubric and multiple Weebly videos to help you. 
Hello 8th Grade Families,
I hope everyone has a great weekend! I just wanted to take a few minutes to explain a few things that will be going on in our 8th grade ELA class. 

  • The 8th graders were given a print out (from the Sadlier website) of the Unit 1 words. I'm hoping this will help the 8th graders study for next Friday's test. When the workbooks come in I will distribute them to each student. This is to be used as a study tool, but should not have any writing in it. 
  •  I am going to implement a schedule that will hopefully alleviate some stress from the 8th graders. I'm trying very hard to make it where the 8th graders are not taking a vocabulary and spelling test the same day they take a grammar test. As of right now the weeks will alternate. For example: next Friday they 8th graders are taking their Unit 1 vocabulary and spelling test. The following Friday will be their grammar test and so on and so forth. 
Mrs. Baier