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posted Apr 18, 2017, 9:54 AM by Unknown user
  • Research Paper 1st Draft is due 4/28. Use your informational note cards to write your paper. This must be done in MLA format and start with an introduction paragraph and end with a conclusion paragraph. Scientist/Inventor Research Paper Information
  • Create a new BLOG page for The Book Thief 
  • Weebly The Book Thief Entry #1 is due Thursday 5/4 by 8 a.m.  A REMINDER: This book is replacing your independent novel because you will be required to read some at home. These entries will require a summary paragraph and a response paragraph just like your independent novels.
  • Please refer to the rubric and multiple Weebly videos to assist you and remember to use the THINKING STEMS to help you. 
*****PLEASE REMEMBER: if any work is late you must EMAIL me!*****