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posted Nov 16, 2016, 11:29 AM by Unknown user
  • Google Classroom Assignment due Thursday 11/17 by 8 a.m.- The Outsiders Comprehension Questions Chapter 5. Please follow the directions. 
  • Please note that the trimester ENDS on Wednesday 11/23. All LATE work must be in no later than Thursday 11/17. I WILL NOT accept any late work past this time. 
    • If you publish a LATE Weebly please notify me via email.
Hello 8th Grade Families,

Today we started class off going through "Story Mountain"- elements of a story. I explained that understanding the elements of a story is extremely important...ESPECIALLY when entering high school. As we went through the elements of a story we applied the: exposition, rising action, and climax to the parts we've already read. We had a great class discussion regarding the lack of police on the east side (Greasers). We discussed whether or not more of a police presence would help the greasers. We also saw a softer side of Dally, the wild child. 

Mrs. Baier