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posted Oct 20, 2016, 10:35 AM by Unknown user
  • Finish comprehension sheet for The Outsiders ch. 1-2 due Monday 10/24
  • First Draft of the VFW essay "The America I Believe In" is due MONDAY 10/24 in Google Classroom
  • Weebly Entry #5  is due Thursday 10/27 on your Independent Novel and Entry #3 for our class novel, The Outsiders.  Please refer to the rubric and multiple Weebly videos to assist you. REMEMBER you follow the same rubric for the class novel entry, but you do NOT need to add a summary. 
  • Sadlier Unit 3 assignments are due Wednesday 10/26
Hello 8th Grade Families,

Today's class was cut short, but we still discussed the expectations for the rough/first draft of the VFW Essay.  What is being submitted on Monday IS NOT the FINAL draft. We discussed, at great length, what my expectations are for the first draft and how they will be used next week. I showed the 8th graders an outline that we will use next week to help form introductions and conclusions. In essence their first draft will end up being their three body paragraphs. Below are my expectations:
  • Each student must select at least 3 adjectives that represent the America they believe in.
  • Each point needs to be explained in a paragraph (these will end up being their 3 body paragraphs).
  • Must be done in 12 pt, Times New Roman, and DOUBLE SPACED 
  • Must be submitted through Google Classroom