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posted Oct 13, 2016, 11:48 AM by Unknown user
  • Weebly Entry #4  is due Thursday 10/20 on your Independent Novel and our class novel, The Outsiders.  Please refer to the rubric and multiple Weebly videos to assist you. REMEMBER you follow the same rubric for the class novel entry, but you do NOT need to add a summary. 
  • Sadlier Unit 2 test Friday 10/14
  • Hello 8th Grade Families,

    Today we reviewed last night's notes and moved onto reading more from The Outsiders. We discussed how there are two character with similar names (Dally and Darry) who act VERY different. We decided that S.E. Hinton probably did this on purpose as a form of juxtaposition. This is when two things that contrast each other are placed together. Dally is the gang member who has no boundaries, and Darry is the father type character who protects and worries about his brothers. 

    Mrs. Baier