Turkey Update for the Feast!

posted Nov 20, 2015, 10:13 AM by Renee Healy
As it is our first attempt at a "school wide feast" there has been some glitches such as communication about turkey.  Please accept Ms. Draney's apologies for any inconvenience assigning the 8th grade  turkey may have caused. It was intended for parents to volunteer not to be required to cook. 

In an effort to make life easier for all 8th grade parents, the turkey situation for the feast is as follows:

Anyone who has already went to the trouble of getting a turkey/turkey breast and is able and willing to cook it and send it Wednesday morning can still do so and thank you.  It should come in already carved in an aluminum pan.  Please email Mrs. Draney asap to let her know that you will be sending in turkey @ndraney@stleosschool.org.

Anyone who is unable to contribute turkey can send in a donation instead towards the purchase of cooked turkeys.  The donation is what you choose and can afford to send in.  Donations need be in on Monday so turkeys can be purchased.

The Feast is an opportunity for the whole school to share a meal together family style.  We are thankful for all our blessings and sharing this meal together is a way to celebrate that.  The 8th grade class will be a crucial part of making the Feast a success. As you know, the class will be our servers, they even have the aprons!