A Message from Sterling Mine...

posted Mar 9, 2016, 5:44 AM by Renee Healy

Here is a message from Sterling Mine about the rules and regulations we must follow while visiting the mine. 

To help serve you better when you come and ensure a more enjoyable experience, may we suggest-


1. If possible, please have lunches individually labeled and then put into one larger box or bag. This makes it easier for transport and organization.

In the Mine:

1. Sneakers or boots are preferable while walking in the mine. It is a walking tour and can be muddy, especially after rainfall.

2. A light jacket will also be preferable. The mine is always 56 degrees, whether the weather is hot or cold!

In the gift shop:

1. Our gift shop is quite small, so we would appreciate having a maximum of 25 students in our gift shop at any one time. Usually, we will have a Sterling Hill Museum employee at the doorway to help control the number of people in the shop.

2. Please have your students leave their backpacks, Rock Discovery boxes, food, and drinks outside of the actual gift shop. This will provide more space while shopping and also avoid spills.

3. We are sorry, but we must limit exchanges. Usually, when one student exchanges an item, everyone changes their mind and the shopping time duration gets out of control.

4. For the safety of your students and for the preservation of our outdoor display, please ensure that students do not climb on any statues, mine cars, mining equipment or the water sluice.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and hope that you and your group have a wonderful learning experience at Sterling Hill.