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posted Sep 28, 2017, 11:26 AM by Unknown user
Hello 8th Grade Families,

    Today, we started class with grammar. We continued with pg. 160 in the grammar book and reviewed numbers 6-15. We identified the different parts of speech, as well as, the direct and indirect object. It was explained that just because there is a direct object does not mean that there will be an indirect object. The 8th graders did a great job labeling the parts of the sentence. 
    After we finished with grammar, we moved onto reading more from The Outsiders. We finished chapter 3. While reading we discussed whether or not it was believable that Ponyboy's parents have only been gone for 8 months. Most students thought that they had been gone for longer based off of how put together everything seemed. We also talked about Johnny's struggles. The chapter also ended with foreshadowing. 
Mrs. Baier